Pablo Carreon

Former Director, Pasadena City College TRIO Math/Science Upward Bound

"Mildred has been and will continue to be a perfect example of someone who has “Ganas” (Jaime Escalante). She has never given up and always gives150%. I am proud to call her one of the best individual’s I have worked with. Seeing her grow from her high school years, community college, and now soon graduating from HSU warms my heart. Milly, I am delighted that throughout this journey you brought along all those who care for you and whom you care for. Your unselfishness will continue to open many doors for you. In addition, Milly was instrumental in designing the MSUB yearbooks for a few summers, came up with the theme for one summer program, and designed multiple program flyers for recruitment purposes. Her leadership and creativity skills not only provided her the opportunity to conduct freelance work but it provided our students opportunity to enhance their creativity skills."

Jack Bentley

Director, Third Street Gallery

"Milly put a lot of hours into making positive contributions to our gallery projects. She's a team player and has exhibited aesthetic and curatorial judgement in the design of our exhibitions and in our curatorial projects. Milly is a hard worker who is not afraid to put in lots of hours, always paying attention to detail and anticipating the next set of challenges. She brings excellent design skills as well as the craft of a studio major who quickly learned the tools, techniques, and aesthetic balance needed in this position. I especially appreciate Milly's friendly and kind can-do attitude and appreciate her dedication to learning. She was an outstanding asset to our team."

Pamela Flores

Administrative Support Coordinator, Humboldt State University Learning Center

"Milly is an outstanding graphic designer and has worked as an Advertising Assistant for the Learning Center at Humboldt State University since October 2015. During that time, Milly has been assigned both long-term and rush jobs for our department. She has met deadlines with ease, consistently producing quality work that exceeds our expectations. One of Milly’s most important qualities is her eagerness to produce a high quality product each and every time. She has boundless energy, innovative ideas, and a strong work ethic that is uncommon in a student of her rank and age. Milly is willing to work on any project and accepts suggestions and edits with confidence and grace. This is key to a successful work environment in the graphic design arena."

"I can confidently say the Mildred has been one of the most mature and intrinsically motivated individuals I have worked with. Mildred has a strong work ethic and is extremely dedicated to every task she is given. There have been countless times that I have reached out to Mildred to help the program complete a project. Before she began to officially work for the TRIO Math/Science Upward Bound (MSUB) Program, she would constantly volunteer her time in the office to advance her professional skills. In 2012, she voluntarily designed our brochure. This allowed me to see how dedicated she is to her passion, Graphic Design. The MSUB Director and I frequently relied on her help because we know that she is a responsible and creative student that is energetic and always strives to motivate others. Mildred comes from a low-income and first-generation background therefore she truly appreciates every opportunity that is presented to her. She not only values education, she understands the long-term benefits that will come from it."

Grace Santiago

Educational Advisor, Pasadena City College TRIO Math/Science Upward Bound

Susan Abbey

Director, Humboldt International Film Festival

"Milly was a delight to work with in creating a new, more trendy logo for the Humboldt International Film Festival. She was open-minded and listened to my needs, and she created a wide variety of ideas for me to look at based on the information she heard from me. Would hire her in a moment for another project!"

Daniel Rizik-Baer

Former Program Manager, Levitt Pavilion Pasadena

"Milly's sensitivity to her clients, the content, and her purpose as a graphic designer have always been obvious and helpful in her production of work that works. Mildred is a pleasure to be around with intelligence and humility that make her an excellent team member."

Loren Collins

Career Advisor, Humboldt State University Academic & Career Advising Center

"I have been proud to say she works with our office. In fact, during her time here, other offices have pursued her as a graphic artist, photographer, and social media intern because of the reputation for quality, professionalism and creativity she has earned. Milly has exceeded all expectations as a collaborator and intern. She often moves beyond assisting us with campaigns to conceptualizing and leading our media campaigns. She has kept us from making mistakes, improved our existing efforts, and created new efforts to reach our students. She is among the best we have ever had lend their hands to our work."

Kristin Johnson

Region Director, Northern CA SBDC Network

"Milly is a very strong designer. She has a strong visual point of view but is also very willing and able to produce design ideas that the client wants-- a great combination of traits! I would highly recommend her for any sort of graphics project."

Jane Davidson

Former Sidestage Manager, Levitt Pavilion Pasadena Luckman World Arts

"I worked with Milly for several summers at Levitt Pavilion Pasadena. She adeptly took on all intern responsibilities and brought great positivity to the the workplace. She greeted patrons, answered questions, collected donations, and passed out flyers every night. She even went above and beyond showcasing her graphic design skills by designing the large Welcome Banners at the entrance to the Park. I worked with her directly on the project I managed, the Luckman Sidestage where she did everything from carrying heavy production pieces to assisting artists with setup to helping with our marketing efforts including designing a promotional flyer. Milly has also designed a number of flyers concerts produced by my current company, using her design skills and passion for her community to support great community events and non-profit fundraisers."

Patric Esh

Council Coordinator, Humboldt State University Associated Students

"Milly was an invaluable employee while she worked for the Humboldt State University Associated Students (AS). As the Marketing/Public Relations Assistant, her duties were primarily designing marketing materials. She was an essential employee as she helped in the design of original marketing campaigns that promoted the AS mission and student-led events. Without Milly’s creativity, skills, and dedication many of the AS sponsored events and activities would not have been as successful. I would hire her again in an instant."

Andrew Latreille

Former Co-Founder, Fighting Wombat Productions

"It was a pleasure working with Milly. I will continue to work with her for all of my future graphic design needs. Her passion for her work and ensuring the client receives the best possible design clearly shows."

Carly Marino

Librarian, Humboldt State University Library Special Collections

"Each project Milly designs is thoughtfully created with consideration of the goals for the organization and the intended audience for the project."

Christine Lenches-­Hinkel

Founder and Owner, Waste Less Living, Inc.

"I was very impressed with Milly’s professionalism, positive attitude, and strong work ethic. She was very organized and diligent in managing her work load capable of working on several different projects at once. She went above and beyond her deliverables of which the quality and design was well received by our staff. She was a true team player as well as independent worker. Mildred is an effective communicator and capable of clearly expressing her vision and creative thoughts."


Cody Ammerman

Intern Supervisor, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

"I found Mildred to be consistently pleasant, always arriving on time, submitting projects before their due dates, and she is always up for the challenge of anything being tossed her way. I offer high recommendations for Mildred without reservation. Her drive, professionalism, and abilities will truly be an asset to your establishment."

Renee Haserjian

Former President of Queer Alliance Club, Pasadena City College

"It was a pleasure to work with Milly. The work was exactly what we needed and lovely to view. "

Mr. Hicks

Graphic Designer Teacher, Pasadena High School

"I know Milly will go far in the field of graphic design because of her passion for it."